How to Create a Monthly Coaching Business in 30 Days or Less

In this article, I am going to lay out my entire simple plan for creating a coaching business from scratch, in 30 days or less, using article marketing as your marketing base, using your own expertise as your knowledge base, and using my proprietary system of fast coaching program creation “on the fly” as your coaching model.

Note: I have never revealed all of these details to the general public, I normally reserve this information for my highest level Platinum coaching clients. Why am I revealing this now to you?

Because I want to see you succeed. You see, this year has been tough financially for a lot of people, especially entrepreneurs and people who have service oriented businesses. And the thing is, I know exactly what to do and how to do it to help those entrepreneurs break free and create their own coaching program fast, by ignoring many of the “rules” others have created about coaching programs. And until now I have only shared these steps with a few people.

But I feel as though by not sharing it with more people, with many more people, I am holding you back. So I want to stop the madness, and start enabling you to have the same success I do by coaching others, simply and easily.

And let me tell you this. It’s not hard. Many gurus and coaches make this hard. They make it sound like it is a lot of work to create a coaching program. And the way they do it, it is. But let me tell you this, my first coaching program…I thought of it, asked my subscribers what they wanted it to look like and include, launched it, and enrolled 22 clients – in about 2 weeks start to finish. And each week I created a lesson for them. It was really easy the way I did it.

And in today’s article, I am going to show you how to do it yourself, from scratch.

Obviously, if you already have some things in place, then you are a step up already. Like if you have subscribers, buyers, etc.. But I am going to write this from the perspective of starting from scratch, you can simply go faster if you already have some things in place.

Here’s the plan:

I am going to give you the background first, then I will give you the step by step details.


You are going to quickly build a list of subscribers who perceive you as the right expert for them, to teach them what they need to know.

Then you are going to launch to them a simple coaching program that meets their needs, is easy for you to deliver, and creates monthly coaching revenue for you.

Here is an example – let’s assume a $500 per month coaching program. You enroll 5 people per month. There is a bit of a snowball effect that happens.

First month: 5 clients – $2500 per month.

Second month: add 5 more – total 10 clients: $5000

Third month, add 5 more – total 15 clients: $7500

Each month you add more clients.

Of course, some months you add more than others. Some months a client or two might drop out. But the idea is that your income grows each month. If you charge more for coaching than $500 per month, and sign more clients, it happens faster. If you charge less than $500 per month, or sign less than 5 new clients per month it grows slower. But all in all, the idea is that each month you add more guaranteed monthly revenue than the month before.

Do you like this model?

If not, the rest of this article is not for you.

Just close this page.

But…if you like this model…keep reading…because I can teach you exactly how to do it.

Here’s how:

You MUST have a squeeze page to create a subscriber list. You cannot sell a coaching program the way I teach to a cold market. That means you MUST build a list of subscribers with whom you can build trust and relationship. Create a 10 day credibility campaign where you send an email a day out to your list, not selling anything, just building trust and credibility.

You will write about 10 articles per day to create traffic. This is easy to do if you do it like I do. Many clients when they start with me they tell me it takes them 3-4 hours to write one article. I change that fast, you cannot write 10 articles per day if it takes you 3-4 hours to write one article. Instead, you must write one article every 15 minutes, then 10 articles takes 2.5 hours per day. And this is the biggest part of this plan, so your total day is 2.5 hours writing articles,.25 hours submitting articles, then about 1/2 an hour doing everything else…so about 3.25 hours per day to build this business. There is no fluff in my model. Do only what I teach, don’t do a bunch of other things like reading tons of emails, studying YouTubes, Googling things, etc., they only burn time in your day. You don’t have time to burn if you want to have a full-scale coaching business in 30 days.

Here is how you write an article in 15 minutes:

Write a title – for example “How to Do xyz (your niche topic) (30 seconds)

Write the following paragraph:

In this article I am going to teach you how to do xyz. The reason I am going to teach you how to do xyz is because you need to know how to do xyz in order to be successful at abc. Here are the 3 steps I am going to teach you about how to do xyz: step one is xyz and blah blah blah. Step two is abc and blah blah blah. Step three is def and blah blah blah. If you do these three steps you will have success with xyz fast. (5 minutes)

Ready? Here are the steps:

(Note: that was exactly 100 words. Exactly. And it will be more for you because you will be spelling out xyz, abc, def, blah, blah blah. That might be 150 words!)

Back to the article:

Step one: write 75 words on how to do step one (that is about 3 sentences. Just tell them how to do it. Just like I am telling you how to do it. Simple. Keep this simple. Really simple. If you make this difficult, you won’t be able to accomplish this project in 30 days. But if you make this simple, like I teach, you can. (2 minutes)

Step two: write 75 words on how to do step two (2 minutes)

Step three: write 75 words on how to do step three. (2 minutes)

(Note: do you see how easy this is? Write 100-150 words introduction using my above formula. Then 3 steps of 75 words. That gives you about 30 words. That’s it. Really simple) (total time: 11 minutes 30 seconds)

Ok, back to the steps on how to create the coaching program:

Now that you are writing 10 articles per day, you should be getting about 10 subscribers per day. So after 30 days, you have 300 articles and 300 subscribers. At the end of your 10 day credibility campaign, you are going to send an email out that looks like this:

Dear subscriber,

I am in the process of creating a brand new coaching program to help you with xyz. But I want to make sure it is exactly what you need to help you with xyz. So I need your help.

What is your goal for the next 90 days with xyz?

What is the biggest thing holding you back from achieving your goal in 90 days?

By the way, if you respond personally in the next 24 hours, I will promise to personally respond back to you.

To your success,

Your Name

When they respond to the answer in 2) they will be telling you what they need to learn in your coaching program!

Then you are going to write a letter to all your subscribers telling them you have created a coaching program based on what they told you they need, and you are going to include everything everybody told you they needed.

And then they are going to sign up for your coaching program from your sales letter. Then some people won’t sign up because they have questions. So you are going to send another email out asking them if they have any questions before they sign up. And then some people will sign up after that. And so on. And of course each day you are adding 10 more subscribers to your list, and after 10 days on your list, each person starts getting these emails automatically. So each day you have 10 more prospects.

And of course notice that you haven’t created the coaching program until they tell you what they want, and then once they sign up, you create the first lesson based on what the first person needs. So you haven’t even created your coaching program until the first person signs up. Then one week later, you create your second lesson (by now you might have 5 people signed up). Each week you simply create one more lesson.

By the way, do you want to learn more details about each of these steps?