Key Writing Process Technique: Schedule Time for Your Project

Have you noticed how easy it is for other “priorities” to push your writing project to the bottom of your To Do list? Yes, you want to write the novel that has buzzed around in your head for the past year. Yes, you want to publish two blog posts a week and get your ezine out on schedule. But somehow you just don’t get around to them, or when you do, you’re under such pressure that your creative juices run dry.

If this happens to you, take a look at your schedule. Have you slotted time in it for your writing project? Writing projects require unhurried, focused time scheduled for the days and hours that fit best into your lifestyle. If those days and hours coincide with the times you feel most creative, all the better.

Set Writing Appointments

Take a look at your lifestyle and writing process. Then determine what writing schedule works best for you. Are you more creative and productive when you write at the same time and days every week? Or do you accomplish more when you set aside a day exclusively for writing?

For example, if your goal is to publish two blog posts weekly, the best option may be setting aside an hour every Tuesday and Thursday to write and publish a blog post. Or the best option may be to set aside a day every month to write eight posts and schedule them for publication.

Honor Your Writing Appointments

Once you have scheduled your writing time, honor it. Treat it with the same respect you give appointments with your client, CPA or doctor.

The unexpected, of course, does happen. Your boss or client may require your immediate attention. Your child may come down with the flu. When the unexpected pulls you away from your scheduled writing time, don’t cancel your writing appointment. Reschedule it, preferably for the same day. Hold to your commitment to fulfill your goal for that specific writing appointment.


To ensure that your writing projects do not get edged out by other professional or personal items on your To Do list, schedule writing appointments. Choose times when you are most productive and creative and that also fit your lifestyle. Once you have set your writing appointments, honor them.

When you schedule writing appointments and hold your commitment to them, you enable your writing projects to move smoothly and steadily to successful completion.